What are your print file specifications?

We only accept PDF print files for printing, best created at actual size with a resolution no less than 300dpi. For best results please submit a vector file (created using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw etc.) with text converted to curves. When exporting the artwork, please choose "Press Quality" as the preset – it will generally provide the highest quality PDF.

For size and shape information please see our templates. Generally, please include 3mm bleed and crop marks so that we can effectively trim your job - please see here for further information. Also please be aware that the templates are for your assistance and information only, and should never be included in the final artwork. For billboards or extremely large banners (bigger than 3m in either direction) the artwork should be 300dpi at 25% of the final size.

We will advise you if we see any potential problems with your art when we receive the files. If your art is "not quite right" and you would like us to fix it for you, or design and create your print-ready art files from scratch, we can do so at the rate of $85 plus GST per hour. Alternatively you may wish to work closely with your own graphic designer who knows how to create your print-ready art to our specifications – which are really just straightforward guidelines for a professional designer.

How can I upload a large print file?

If you have trouble sending large files, the easiest way to get the file to us is to use a third party FTP system. There are several free sites, one that works well for us is WeTransfer.com. All you need to do is go to the website, fill in the form and click send, using our "sales" email address.

Will my printed materials look the same as when I look at the art on my computer?

There will be small differences, due to the fact that your monitor uses an RGB colour scheme to display, and when we print, we use a CMYK colour scheme. These are two totally different ways to describe colour, and although in most cases it will be very similar, there can be differences.

Can you colour-match to a Pantone colour?

Yes - for us to be able to colour-match, you need to supply the Pantone reference (and please be aware that there is an additional charge for colour-matching). We will then produce specified colours as close as possible within the constraints of the media being used, and the printer's colour gamut (or range of achievable colours).

It looks as though there are issues with my art - can you fix it?

Yes we can, if your art is 'not quite right' and you would like us to fix it for you – or design and create your print-ready art files from scratch – we can do so at the rate of $85 plus GST per hour.

What about delivery?

All of our products are delivered by New Zealand Couriers. Our usual delivery timeframe is five working days after the order is confirmed. Delivery anywhere in NZ is usually $11.50 plus GST, with extra charges for very large or heavy parcels.